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How many Grand Theft Auto games are available for PS3 now?


Im thinking about buying a PS3 and i am a HUGE Grand Theft auto fan. Since i dont have one i have no idea how many GTA games are out for the PS3 nor do i know the names of any of them. Can any one tell me how many games there are and what are the names of them? Like Grand Theft Auto 5,6,7 ect And also which GTA game is the best one?

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  1. did not even have to think,the best has to be San Andreas,also will never forget the very first gta.

  2. Si quiero un excelente regalo para los hijos de mis amigas compro el juego GTA 5 porque sé que acierto, lo último que he comprado ha sido el juego gta para consola como regalo, perfecto el transporte porque ha llegado justo a tiempo y este regalo lo ha encantado, ha pasado horas jugando con él y no se aburre porque tiene una excelente aventura que te mantiene delante de la consola además de la excelente imagen, como siempre una buena compra.

  3. The only GTA game for the PS3 is GTA IV. It has two expansions(TLAD an TBoGT) and two compilations (EFLC and Complete Edition)

  4. there is only 1 GTA game on ps3 with 2 expansions Grand Theft Auto IV and it’s 2 expansions Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City

  5. Well for PS3 you have GTA 4 and you can get the two expansions(episodes from Liberty City-The lost and the damned and the ballad of gay Tony).

  6. No idea about the expansions, but GTA: 4 is awesome. I’m a big GTA fan too. get a PS3 and come online once PSN is working again. I’ll play with ya 😉

  7. there is only 1 gta4, and its expansions, but i believe the same company makes saints row 2, which is the same thing but short and bland.

    the expansions is like you are playing other storylines in the games, like there is ballad of gay tony which is the most fun becaues you jump out of a hellicopter, allot

    but if you want the expansions you should get like the collectors edition or game of the year, i’ll put a link in the bottom for you. problem is that they are actually sold seperat from gta 4

  8. there are two games one in ps store that is san andress from ps2 and GTA4 with two expansions the ballad of gay tony and lost and dammed but the expansions just show you some part of the stories

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