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How do I get more memory on a 12gb PS3?


I have a 12gb PS3 and want to know how do I get more memory added to my console so I can play some of my other games that require more memory. Without having to delete any of my other game data.

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  1. You can install a new hard drive in your system. It’s easy and you can do it yourself, just watch some YouTube videos about it.

  2. You need to buy a hard drive mount first:[url is not allowed].

    Then you need a 2.5″ SATA hard drive no more than 9.5mm thick. It’s recommended to use a 5,400 RPM drive. Basically any drive within those criteria will work.

    Once you have the bracket you basically just slide the drive right in.

    Keep in mind you can’t use the 12GB flash storage and the hard drive at the same time. Back up your data with a USB drive first with the PS3’s Backup Utility : [url is not allowed].

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