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Help! I need help with my (console PS2). HD Combo.?


I need to buy an HD Combo case or the HD Connect kit for Playstation 2. But i cant find any online (eBay, Amazon.) Ive seen sone pages like axiogames, psxboy and they have it. But i dont know if the site is trusted. I would like to buy one. I dont care the color or its state. I just want it to function. Anyone willing to sell one of this? Any help? Pages other people? Please ive been searching this for a long time. thanks in advance.

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  1. you can not get HD from a ps2 , its incapable f high def output as hd did not exist when the ps2 was created , not were hdmi cables in existence

    to connect a ps2 to an hdtv you need only a component cable and tv with component input , you still get only 480i sd but its able to connect to the TV and work

    just buy a ps3 component cable , the ps2 and ps3 use the same a/v cables and component cables.

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