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Fallout New Vegas keeps crashing (Xbox)?


I know this is a very buggy game but this shouldn’t be as much of a problem as it is. I have a fairly new xbox elite (about 4months old used about 3-4 hours a day) with a 250gb harddrive, a fairly new New Vegas disk (2 months old) which is installed onto my hard drive, my xbox is on a hard surface so rarely heats up much. other games can play for hours at a time on my xbox but for some reason fallout will crash after about 20-30 minutes, ill leave the xbox for usually 12-24 hours and come back to it, only to play another 20-30 min before it crashes again, this only just started happening recently and is seriously affectin my patience with the game as more than 1 of my autosaves have been corrupted making me lose 3-4 hours worth of gaming!!. please if there is any way to lessen the chance of these crashes or if there are any factors i haven’t considered please please tell me them. thanks in advance everyone

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  1. I was recently informed that on very heavy games like fallout or skyrim they tend to crash more if the games are installed on the system. Try running from the disc only. Good luck

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