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Do I have to play God of War 1 and 2?


I have heard God of War 3 is really good, but I haven’t played the first two games. I know there is a remastered version of the old ones but I cant afford them all. If i bought God of War 3 would i know what is going on in the storyline (does it follow on from the other games)


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  1. You don’t strictly have to play the first 2 games because at the start of GOW3, there’s a brief animation that catches you up on the basic storyline. Having said that, The God of War Collection (1&2 remastered for PS3) was sold at a discount to regular new release games when it was launched last year, and should be even cheaper now. They’re both excellent games, especially number 2.

  2. you’ve gota play 1 and 2 before you even go to 3 if you want to experience the full story. Its better if you do, but u can still get the gist of the story playing gow3 if u want.

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