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Can you download PS3 games?


Hi, I have a PS3. I am getting bored of playing the same games again and again. I also have a PSP and I download games for it like God of War from the internet.(I had to hack it first) Can you download games like that for PS3?

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  1. If you take the risk, you’ll likely screw up your rig,

    when downloading viruses and/or malware at the same time.

    If caught, Sony will terminate your a/c and ban you – and likely sue your butt for PIRACY.

    Save for, and BUY some new games.

  2. Well, that’s called piracy and it is illegal. It’s also quite hard to hack a PS3, without buying a fresh new console. Sony has really gone down hard on pirates and I would highly suggest not attempting anything, unless you want to download a few viruses.

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