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buying a movie on your ps3?


ok well i just got my ps3 and everything is working well but i wanted to buy the movie 8mile from my ps3 on their website so i just wanted to know if it gets special features like it would if you bought the dvd somewere else?

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  1. well you have to buy the movie from the PSN store since you can’t buy it from the Playstation website and unfortunately you wont’ get those features so if you plan on watching them I suggest going to the store and buying the movie instead

  2. I don’t think you get all the features from the DVD or Blu-Ray disc versions since it’s a digital download version from the PlayStation Store (or Netflix, whichever you use).

    If you want all the features, I would suggest going out and getting 8 Mile on DVD or Blu-Ray (I’d pick Blu-Ray) from your local movie store, Wal-Mart, etc.

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