Home Xbox Forum anyone have free xbox live 48 trial cards?

anyone have free xbox live 48 trial cards?


and dont say get a job because im under age to get a job and if i could i would my mom doesnt buy me stuff i have to buy every thing on my own even food and im running low on cash since i dont have a job i save up every coin or bill i get so itl add up so please be nice and i cant do work around the naborhood because im the only black boy there and its a rich naborhood so the look down on me

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  1. you can get one from [url is not allowed] or you can get free xbox live gold from [url is not allowed]

  2. heyyy!! ur just the person I neeeed I just posted up a question about the same thing but im actually looking to exchange I have 2 48 gold subscription codes for the xbox 360 but I need a play station network card so that I can download a game!! if u can get me one of those un used you will have both of my 48 hour gold membership cards for the xbox 360 if you have the playstation network card we will exchange emails

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